Safa Warda vs Sin D

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Sin D and Safa Warda step in the ring, and go to war for the WMW Title in “Battle For The Belt”! Both women want that precious gold badly, but only one can leave with it. With a KO ending, there is a definitive winner and loser in this pro style match! Who walks out with the gold?

Safa is the aggressor throughout this matchup, lighting up Sin D with lots of punches, kicks, knees, and forearms, trying to crush her stomach with her feet by way of some vicious stomps and jumps using the ropes for leverage, stretching her arms out both in the center of the ring as well as through the ropes in the corner, and attempting to choke her out via a front facelock/bodyscissor combo, along with trying to smother her out via a facesit.

Sin D manages to stomach all that and still hold her own however, not willing to concede the title they both want so badly that easy! She fights through the punishment meted out from Safa, and stays in things with a low blow, a little spanking, some face raking, a flat out throat choke, a butt drop across the back, a camel clutch, and body and headscissors.

Whoever takes the title is going to have to truly earn it! Which woman goes night night in the end here, left to only dream about the belt that could have been hers, while her opponent grabs the glory?

Very physical matchup here! If you like your wrestling rough and tough, this bout will be right up your alley for sure! Safa and Sin D really take it to each other!