Allie Parker vs Ray Lyn

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The Taming Of Miss Allie! (SQUASH)

Got a relative you wish you could shut up this holiday season? Well we got just the thing to help you release some of that aggression in the “The Taming Of Miss Allie”, as the forever full of herself Allie Parker meets her match to say the least, suffering a humbling squash loss at the hands of the just as sure of herself Ray Lyn. The difference though is, Ray Lyn can back up her confidence with action! Allie tries to hang with her, but really this match isn’t even close!

Taking her to task from the moment this contest officially begins after a verbal exchange in which Allie mocks Ray Lyn for stretching her body in preparation for their match, Ray Lyn completely DOMINATES her with head rams into the corner, boot choking in the same corner as well as in the ropes and on the mat, kicks to her legs while down on the mat plus one to the head, some stomping, a full nelson done in rag doll style tossing her to and fro repeatedly, a boot to the face, rakes across the back, a nasty chinlock, forearms to the face, a surfboard, and an armbar. Allie made a huge mistake making fun of Ray Lyn’s pre match exercises, and she pays dearly for it! She even gets toyed with by Ray Lyn just for her own amusement, getting tickled and spanked!

As mentioned, Allie tries to find ways to stay in the fight despite all the abuse, using a stomach claw with Ray Lyn against the ropes, and a leglock and figure four submission hold near the end, but these attempts amount to little more than a fly trying to escape the inevitable fate that is their death in the face of a human! The closest she comes to somehow escaping with a win is with the leg submissions, but even then, on ONE LEG, Ray Lyn is still able to put a stop to that and take the win she was destined to have! She was NEVER going to lose this match to Allie! It was only a matter of when it’d be over

(Shot in 4K)