Bella Rush vs Sybil Starr

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Sybil Starr makes her long awaited return to UWW in this pro style ring encounter, going one on one with Bella Rush in what ends up being a 2 out of 3 falls matchup. Bella has a big size advantage over Sybil, but Sybil has been wrestling much longer thanBella has. Does that extra experience aid her in her fight with the large blonde?

In what becomes a pretty physical and emotional contest, each woman uses a great many moves as they try and best the other. Bella uses a wristlock turned hammerlock, a reverse facesit, front and reverse bear hugs, body scissors and a running body splash on Sybil, as well as rams her head into the corner.

Conversely on Sybil’s end of things, she applies a side headlock, an arm bar, a Boston Crab, camel clutches, a boot choke in the corner, and arm and shoulder stretches including one that uses the ropes for an advantage. Both ladies employ leg locks also in addition to all this.

Sybil very clearly has her work cut out for her here with Bella’s size relative to her, a fact that shows itself many times over the course of the match, but she fights her heart out! Is she able to chop Bella down to size with her wealth of prowrestling experience in the end? Or is Bella’s big frame too much of a hurdle for Sybil to overcome?

Fans of big vs. little matches will want to see this one! It tells a great story, as Sybil tries to hang with the bigger Bella as much as she can! Very old school in tone!

(Shot in 4K)