Betty Battles vs Sarah Brooke

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Crossing The Boss! (KO ENDING)

Starting the New Year off with a new dark black hair color to go along with her new position at the head of UWW, Sarah Brooke takes on a challenge from pro-style veteran Betty Battles in “Crossing The Boss”. Betty doesn’t really think Sarah deserves to the boss of UWW, believing she sucked a lot of cock in order to get that spot. Regardless of how she got there though, she is running the show now and like it or not, Betty must deal with it! In a fight that finishes with a humiliating knockout, is Betty able to at least take the new leader down in the ring and humble her a little bit, or does Sarah prove to be better than her there as well?

Following an early exchange of headlocks (with one front facelock by Sarah) and hammerlocks, things turn very vicious with Betty setting the pace as the far more aggressive of the two. She uses a variety of dirty tactics on Sarah, ones that include a corner boot choke, head rams into the corner, a foot grind into the crotch, a fishhook, a kick to the small of the back along with one to the midsection and several attacks using the ropes. These attacks consist of a rake of the face against them, literally dragging Sarah off the ropes once letting her drop to the mat unceremoniously face first after pulling her away and stretching Sarah’s arms through them in the corner. Boss or not, for Sarah to score a win here she will have to dig really deep!

To her credit though, Sarah does battle back fighting fire with fire, driving punches and knees into Betty’s stomach, slamming her head on the mat face first, matching her corner head ramming with a little bit of her own by throwing her in by her hair and even getting a little catty as she is known to do via a breast smother in the corner.

Of course if anyone has followed Sarah for any prolonged period of time, they surely know that as much as she can fight, she can wrestle too! She shows as much to Betty, using her famous headscissors on her, rolling her back and forth on the mat in one of them and locking on a dragon sleeper in addition to that.

Betty isn’t about to give up so easily however, having a few holds of her own up her sleeve! She pulls out a camel clutch and a bodyscissor on her new boss, wanting to prove so badly that she is better than her! Is she able to do it in the end, or does she end up knocked out for trying to stand up to the new sheriff in town?

Lots of personal pride on the line here! Sarah is out to show why she is the boss and why she commands respect from everyone at UWW, while Betty is aiming to bring the new figurehead down a few notches and make it clear that respect is earned as opposed to just given! Only one of these two leaves the ring with their ego still intact, get this video today and find out which one!

(Shot in 4K)