Jezabel Romo vs Salina De La Renta

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Battle of the Latina Asses: Puke, Pin or Pass! (YOUNG VS. OLD; FACESITTING; SPANKS)

In a matchup that crosses generational lines, Latina ladies Jezabel Romo and Salina De La Renta (who is having her first match for UWW incidentally) have a pretty personal war over whose ass is superior to the other in “Battle of the Latina Asses: Puke, Pin or Pass”. Salina enters this contest really really cocky and full of herself, not thinking much of her older opponent Jezabel at all! But as confident and self-assured as she is, there’s no substitute for experience and Jezabel has lots of it! Is that edge enough to defeat the mouthy rookie Salina and teach her a bit of a lesson in the end? Or does Salina show Jezabel that maybe it’s time she is put out to pasture?

This is a physical battle from start to finish! There’s Stomach Punches, a Low Blow (punching), a Full Nelson, a Knee to the Body, a Kick to the Thigh and a few humiliating Spanks in the corner from Jezabel, Stomps (including a Double version on Jezabel’s chest), a Knee to the Face, Eye Pokes, Choking on the Ropes, Head Rams into the Corner and a Martial Arts Kick to the Stomach from Salina, and several Forearm exchanges seen over the course of it! There’s also a can of Air Freshener which Salina brought to the ring that comes into play at one point, with her trying to use some of it as a weapon against Jezabel! These two fight hard and dirty, not giving an inch to each other!

Of course, given each has immense pride in their ass and that the title of this video is “Battle of the Latina Asses”, there’s a significant amount of ass attacks as well here to go with those brawling tactics! Stinkfaces, Facesits and Reverse Headscissors are employed as both ladies use their ample butts to try and force a submission from their foe!

Egos are on the line in this one, as neither woman wants to suffer a loss to the other, much less endure the indignity of having to do so via having the others’ ass in their face! Who ends up showing herself to be the better woman with the superior posterior?

Fun and intense encounter between two very determined and cocksure women! If you like hard-hitting wrestling with a little bit of slapstick mixed in, you’ll enjoy watching Jezabel and Salina go at it! They have a very high spirited affair, and the fact that there’s such a big age gap between them is mere icing on the cake! 10 minutes

(Shot in 4K)