MJ Jenkins & Kaci Lennox vs. Dementia Drose & Aja Perrera

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MJ Jenkins & Kaci Lennox vs. Dementia Drose & Aja Perrera

Tag Team Tussle! (EBONY; BBW; BIG VS LITTLE)

Ebony lovers rejoice! We got a special All Black Women Tag Team battle for you in “Tag Team Tussle”, and it’s one of contrasting sizes, as the slender and fit team of MJ Jenkins & Kaci Lennox, battle BBW’s Dementia Drose & Aja Perrera in a frenetic and high energy encounter (so much so that Michael and his camera with it nearly are taken out at one point trying to keep up with the action!)

Dementia and Aja feel MJ and Kaci are far out of their league, especially when it comes to booty size! They don’t even think they deserve to be in a match with them! Naturally MJ and Kaci disagree, barely even knowing who their opponents are, let alone seeing them as any threat! How does this matchup play out?

After a back and forth start featuring all 4 women, Dementia and Aja take control of the match, working over Kaci extensively and cutting her off from tagging in her partner MJ multiple times. Eventually though she is able to reach her for the hot tag and the playing field is leveled again! Can MJ save the day and lift her and Kaci to a win, or are Dementia and Aja proved right that they really are beneath them? Controversy reigns around the finish of this one, as the losers claim foul play!

Featured Moves/Holds

Dementia & Aja: Full Nelson, Reverse Standing Butt Splashes, Leg Trip, Headbutts (Head & Mid-Section), Choking, Head Ramming In Corner, Rope Attacks, Camel Clutches, Butt Drops Across Back, Biting, Boston Crab

MJ & Kaci: Hammerlock, Go Behind, Clothesline, Body Slam, Martial Arts Kick

Mutual: Wristlocks, Double Clotheslines

(Shot in 4K) 10 minutes