Ray Lyn vs Cami Fields

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Ray Lyn vs. Cami Fields

We have a VERY physical interracial battle for you here, as the serious black woman Cami Fields, battles the bubbly blonde white girl Ray Lyn. Cami is not one for games in any way, shape or form, which is a stark contrast to her cheery opponent. Despite her free flowing personality though, Ray Lyn proves she can scrap with the best of them in this match, giving Cami all she can handle and then some! Who ends up on top?

There isn’t a whole lot of technical skill on display in this one, being more of a fight than a wrestling match exactly. Ray Lyn in particular pushes it that way, using a lot of punches, kicks and knee lifts on Cami throughout the bout.

Cami though, who is never afraid of a fight either herself, does a little bit of striking of her own in the form of chest chops, face punches, and heavy stomping in the corner, in addition to violently ramming Ray Lyn into the corner back first and then driving headbutts into her mid-section once there, smashing her big butt into Ray Lyn’s stomach in the corner, and taking her out by the legs at one point, letting her unceremoniously drop to the mat face first.

Going past that basic brawling, both women also show they are not at all averse to fighting dirty, with Ray Lyn resorting to biting her foe on several occasions (even as she denies it to the camera, someone as sweet as her would NEVER do that after all right?), as well poking at her eyes, and each of them targeting the crotch, with brutal stomps, kicks and elbow drops in Ray Lyn’s case, and stomps and a diving headbutt in Cami’s. Each lady does some corner boot choking as well. Nothing is too cheap a tactic for these two!

As far as anything non street-style goes, Ray Lyn employs a front facing Banzai Drop in the corner (one followed with a humiliating crotch thrust into Cami’s face) drops her butt across Cami’s back, uses a rear chinlock that turns into a camel clutch on the mat, and applies a headscissor from the corner, while Cami puts on Boston Crab and a surfboard, nastily stretching Ray Lyn out with it to the point of forcing loud screams from her in the latter hold.

There’s a clear winner when all is said and done between these two proud women! Which one is it? Is it the cute but deadly Ray Lyn, or the more workman like Cami?

This one is especially great if you like rough smash-mouth style wrestling, as there is plenty of it to be seen!

(Shot in 4K)