Ray Lyn vs Dylan Bostic

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Unhappily Ever After? (MIXED; KO ENDING)

Ray Lyn and Dylan Bostic are a newly married couple, but things don’t seem to be going so swimmingly for the newlyweds in “Unhappily Ever After”, as the pair argue over plans to go out for that night, with Dylan simply wishing to continue his ring training, while Ray Lyn wants him to stop it so they can head out to a concert together. This bickering to a physical clash that ends with one of them KO’ing the other! Who proves to wear the pants in this marriage when all is said and done?

Ray Lyn does her best to assert dominance over her husband, striking him with a low blow to stun him in the very beginning when he has her by the hair, choking him with her boot and hands both, driving a headbutt into his mid-section in the corner, pulling his arms through the ropes in that same corner, raking at his back, using a modified stf, a butt drop and a double axe handle across the back, a diving headbutt to his crotch, a rear naked choke, camel clutches and bodyscissors on him, and overall just trying to beat the out of him with punches, kicks, stomps, and elbows, but Dylan isn’t gonna just let his wife walk over him without consequence! For all the punishment he takes from her, Dylan strikes right back! He can’t exactly outwrestle her maybe, but he can outfight her in his mind if nothing else, and does all he can to try and do just that, kicking, slapping, elbowing and punching at her at every opportunity!

After a bitterly fought match between the married couple, the outcome comes down to a head kick from one of these two, it knocking out the recipient completely and allowing them to be pinned. Is it husband or wife that wins here in this battle for power within the relationship? Is Dylan’s tenacity enough to outlast an angry Ray Lyn?

Hard hitting mixed match between two wrestlers that each badly want to make a point to the other! Might even say the future of their marriage relies on it! 10 minutes

(Shot in 4K)