Shane Andrews vs Missdisslexia with sarah Brooke as ref

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Miss Disslexia has her first matchup for UWW in “Destroying Shane”, taking on the arrogant woman hating Shane Andrews in a mixed bout that features our co-owner Sarah Brooke as the special referee, and as the title would tell you she absolutely mops the floor with him! It’s not even close! Sans a brief early offensive attack that is quickly squelched, Shane is completely and utterly HUMILIATED by her! He even gets knocked out at one point, and tickled at another! Shane starts off this video spouting that women are inferior to men, but one might surmise he will be carrying a slightly different tune after this beatdown!

Even before his beating begins, Miss Disslexia shuts Shane’s mouth up fast by pointing out that she can’t be “below” him as he claims all women are, because she’s actually TALLER than he is! You could call that a checkmate right there, and the match hasn’t even started! Even Sarah gets in on the action, laughing at his plight and telling him how weak she sees men as a species, and that they belong on their knees!

Well that about does it for Shane! He’s heard enough crap from both women, and he goes on the attack, catching Miss Disslexia by surprise with a Kick to the Mid-Section, which is followed up by a hard Forearm to the Face that sends her into the corner. Once he gets her there, he continues his assault with a Punch and Headbutt into the Stomach and a vicious Slap to her Face. This is about where the control ends for Shane however, it’s all downhill from here!

After being Irish Whipped into the opposite corner by her very full of himself opponent, Miss Disslexia moves out of the way as he charges full steam ahead at her, causing him to hit the now empty spot hard! As referee Sarah watches on, encouraging Miss Disslexia to hurt Shane after that, Miss Disslexia sends him into another corner, where she proceeds to hit him with several brutal Martial Arts Kicks to the head! And keeping him there after them, she adds to his pain with a Boot Choke! All legal of course according to Sarah, who may be just a LITTLE biased, actually helping Miss Disslexia out by grabbing her hand for a stretch to add extra pressure to the choke, and then doing it again as his arm is wrapped up in the bottom rope afterward! You can’t really blame her for this though after how sexist Shane was being! He had this coming!

A Camel Clutch comes after all of that, complete with Fishhooking and Eye Raking, although Shane prefers to call this doggy style when asked if this is what he likes to do women. He backtracks on it however when Miss Disslexia then asks if she can donkey punch him, as he wants no part of that! He still somehow wonders why this is happening to him though, given right next door people are worshipping the Lord, and he gets his face violently slammed to the mat in response! He and other men are supposed to be worshipping them, did he not know that?

Now comes a Standing Surfboard on the beaten down Shane, he clearly needing to stretch more according to Miss Disslexia! He’s just a bit tight! This doesn’t seem to be enough though, evidently he needs a Curb Stomp too, which she is all too happy to provide! She walks right over his back after she does it too, to make his pain that much worse!