UWW Title Match Ray Lyn vs Allie Parker With Sarah Brooke as ref

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A Disputed Champion! (UWW TITLE MATCH)

“A Disputed Champion” sees a highly controversial encounter, as Allie Parker and Ray Lyn go at it for the vacant UWW title, with the new co-owner of the company Sarah Brooke overseeing the proceedings as the special referee. Why is it controversial you ask? Because to put it simply, the outcome is entirely decided by Sarah’s officiating or rather her LACK of it! She couldn’t be more uninterested in deciding a champion, and when she finally DOES decide a winner it’s not exactly conclusive!

Now if you were to ask Allie Parker about her thoughts on this match, she’d swear to you Sarah had it out for her specifically! Ray Lyn is heavily aggressive from the start of proceedings, bending the rules on several occasions! This perceived cheating and rough fighting includes throat and boot chokes in the corner, a head ram into a different corner that is followed by an ass splash there, hand smashing and ass smothering, a side headlock, a reverse bearhug, a snapmare by the hair, a full nelson, an armbar, a hard roundhouse kick, leg wrenches, stomps and slams with Allie on the mat, a legsweep, her patented “cameltoe” submission hold, a headbutt to the face, a knee to the body and many face punches. All the while Sarah really does nothing to reprimand her for anything! And counting a fall for her? Forget it! Sarah shows little interest in doing that either! So one can see why Allie would be pissed and might suspect some collusion against her!

Sarah doesn’t exactly go out of her way to help Ray Lyn either though. She doesn’t do much to stop Allie from responding to Ray Lyn’s offense with her own dirty attacks, which are made up of knees to the body in the corner, an arm stretch through the ropes in the same corner, a standing leg wrench also out of that corner, a hammerlock, two counters in the form of an ass splash in another corner and a side headlock, a standing surfboard and a bodyscissor. Not only that, but Sarah actually does a fast count on Ray Lyn near the end!

You’d think Sarah never saw or reffed a wrestling match in her entire life from the way she acts watching this one! She’s so bad that Ray Lyn has even to tell her when to count pins or ask for submissions at times! Her attitude is as laissez-faire as it can possibly be!

Nonetheless there does have to be a winner and new champion somehow, although with a referee like Sarah determining that you really can’t call them much of a winner! The loser sure doesn’t think you can anyway!

Who manages to sway Sarah enough to take the “win” and walk away from this match with the gold?

Definitely one of the more interesting title matches you’ll ever witness! If you are into matches that are quite contentious on the officiating side things, check this one out!

(Shot in 4K)