Vulcana vs Delilah Doom

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Beautiful masked wrestler Vulcana makes her UWW debut in this match. Her opponent is Delilah Doom who is a veteran here at UWW. Delilah confronts Vulcana and tells her she has heard that she's been talking trash about her!. Vulcana admits that she has and says she is ready to fight. Delilah says she is going to teach her to respect the veterans. She tells the green girl she is going to learn a lesson. Vulcana doesn't back down and is ready for Delilah! The match begins and the ladies wage war in the squared circle. Some of the moves used include head scissors,head locks,camel clutch,chops,butt bump,punches,kicks, and many more pro mves. Vulcnana makes a great debut here! We look forward to having both Vulcana and Delilah back at UWW soon! 8 minutes